Thursday, December 3, 2009

Special Holiday Pricing in December

Happy Holidays! It's that time of year again. Time for Christmas shopping, tree trimming, baking, and all sorts of activities guaranteed to tire and stress you out. You've got loved ones on your gift list and you have to think of what to get them that will put big smiles on their faces.

Not to worry, I've got you covered! Enjoy a reduced rate of $50 per hour for all massages and massage gift certificates during the month of December.* Come in and de-stress and while you're at it, pick up a few gift certificates for the special ones on your gift list. It's a great way to keep both yourself and those you care about healthy, happy, and balanced through the Holiday Season.

To schedule appointments and for more information visit my website or call me directly at 801*879*4173.


Jenni, LMT

*Reduced rate valid during the month of December 2009.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Black Friday Massages for Christmas - One Day Gift Certificate Special!

The scramble to find the perfect Christmas gift has begun! Friday is the big day where everyone looks for all the best deals and attempts to finish their shopping ahead of the game in more ways than one! I've never offered a "Black Friday" special before so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Do I really need to tell you that massage gift certificates make fabulous gifts? Well, if for some reason you are unaware, allow me to point out that a therapeutic massage is not only incredibly pampering and enjoyable, but also an amazing health practice for all those who want to feel better and increase the quality of their lives. For those who need to manage pain, it can even be a saving grace! I've been giving massages for over 10 years and I've seen the smiles of thousands of grateful souls who were happy to have a good therapist come into their world. I've even been known to say that spreading massage to all the corners of the earth could very well be the answer to world peace.

So now you know and you'll be happy to find that for one day only, I'm offering my 1-2 hour massage gift certificates for 1/2 price.* That's $30 for an hour, $47.50 for 90 minutes, and $55 for 2 hours. Limit 4 certificates per customer.

I'll be accepting orders via email from 12am through midnight Friday November 27th, 2009. Send orders to and be sure to include ALL of the following information. Incomplete orders may be rejected.

  • First and last name
  • phone number
  • mailing address
  • Certificate quantity and length of each massage
  • Desired method of payment
  • Payment options are as follows:

  • Check/money order mailed to

    Jenni Curtis, LMT
    1550 E. 3300 S. Suite B
    SLC, UT 84106

  • Visa, Mastercard, Amex - You can include your credit card number and expiration date with your email or give your information to me over the phone by calling 801*879*4173 (be sure to leave a voicemail if there is no answer)

  • PayPal - you will be told where to send money in your confirmation email
  • You will receive an email confirming your order within 5 days. Gift certificates will be mailed to one address (your mailing address) during the first 2 weeks of December providing payment has be received.

    Now get busy shopping!

    *Orders will only be accepted between the hours of 12am and midnight Friday November 27th 2009. Limit of four ½-priced gift certificates per customer. Orders placed early or late will not be accepted. Orders must be complete and payment must be received prior to mailing of Certificates.

    Wednesday, November 4, 2009

    Massage in 3-D!

    This month I would like to spotlight my unique 3-D massage! Because people aren't paper dolls, I've started offering a 3 hour long 4-sided massage. This massage is hands down the most complete massage I've ever given and it has become popular among many of my clients who feel that devoting 3 hours of their time to a massage is well worth it!

    In the last year or so, I've started turning clients on their sides in order to be able to work the body from another angle. I have found this to be very effective in working a variety of muscle groups more thoroughly. Specifically, work on the legs and hips from a side posture has produced incredible results for many of my clients who need extra attention paid to those areas. In fact, I haven't found a better way to work the adductor muscles of the legs (inner thigh muscles) or the IT band (Illiotibial fascia band of the outer thigh). Feedback so far has been amazing! Especially from runners, bikers, hikers, and skiers. I've also found that men who complain of pelvic pain associated with prostate issues have been able to enjoy some relief as a result of detailed work in the hips and upper legs.

    Although you don't need a 3 hour massage to enjoy these new techniques I now offer, you will find that a much longer time frame will allow you to receive a full body massage from all angles which I always recommend over spot work on specific areas only. Every part of your body works together and if we address it as a whole, you will find you get better, longer lasting results from your massage. You'll be surprised to find out how quickly a 3 hour massage flies by!

    For the month of November 2009, please enjoy $20 off all 3-D massages! That's only $140 for 3 hours of good body maintenance and pure enjoyment. Call me at 801*879*4173 for an appointment or book online at

    Sunday, October 4, 2009

    Office Warming!

    It's official! I am now practicing at Millcreek Wellness at 1550 E. 3300 S. Suite B. I look forward to welcoming all of my guests to my new place and I'm doing it with a little gift for everyone! During the month of October, purchase a one hour massage or longer and receive 30 minutes extra at no charge.* Come on in and help make my new office a home!

    Call for an appointment at 801*879*4173
    or book online at

    I'll see you all there!

    *Receive 30 minutes free with the purchase of a full priced one hour massage or longer ($60 min) during the month of October 2009.

    Tuesday, September 1, 2009

    September Weekday Special!

    During the month of September 2009, I am offering a special rate good every Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. During those hours enjoy $50 for your first hour and $40/hr thereafter.* So a 1 hour massage will be $50, 90 minute massages will be $70, 2 hours for $90, and so on. If you're a first time client, please take an additional one-time $10 off your total.

    Call me for an appointment at 801*879*4173 or book online at

    *Special good for the month of September 2009. Regular rates apply nights (after 5pm) and weekends. Can be combined with first time client discount.

    Jenni Curtis, LMT

    Eileen Keiser, LMT also offers a special weekday rate. Call her at 801*574*1325 for details.

    Change is in the Air

    It's the season for change and Salt Lake's Premiere Massage Therapy Team™ will be seeing a lot of it in the next month. That's ok, we've been undergoing much change in the last year with Tiffeny moving to Boise and Eileen stepping in. Now it is time for us to turn a page and start a new chapter.

    On September 30th, 2009 we will be saying goodbye to our studio at 1694 East 3300 South. We've really loved having our practice here, but due to circumstances beyond our control we will not be able to put our roots in like we'd hoped. As a result, our Team will be moving on and going in separate directions. This turn of events will not take away from our dedication to providing a quality service for our clients, however, and you can rest assured that the spirit of what Tiffeny and Jenni began will live on.

    So what can you expect? During the month of September, we will be practicing in our old studio and gearing up for the move. Come October 1st, you'll be able to visit both Team members in their new separate locations which will be in very close proximity to our current one. We expect the transition to be seamless and Jenni and Eileen will be working together supporting each other through the move as well as in the future. That includes filling the demand for Four-hand Massages by guesting at each other's practices when needed.

    Where are we going? Jenni has been invited by Dr. Cerami, a well respected chiropractor in the area to move her practice to a suite in his wellness center. Millcreek Wellness is located at 1550 East 3300 South within walking distance of the old location. Those of you familiar with Diva's coffee shop (the building with the greenhouse dome) will know exactly where it is as they share a parking lot. Jenni's office will be located downstairs in Suite B, accessed by a door on the west side of the building. The space is quiet and serene and has a shower for the use of clients. She will also be training to begin performing Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapy which will be offered to patients of Dr. Cerami. Jenni is excited about this opportunity and anticipates this change to be a positive one. In addition, Jenni will continue to offer the same menu of services her clients have come to enjoy.

    Eileen will be moving her private practice to an office plaza located at 970 East and 3300 South. She will be occupying a suite of two rooms (#G and #I) which will serve as her office in Hallway 7 of the plaza. She is happy to be able to offer her clients the same great bodywork and affordable rates in this convenient location. Give Eileen a call if you have any questions about her transition at 801*574*1325.

    Thanks to all of our clients who have made Salt Lake's Premiere Massage Therapy Team™ such a great success! We hope you will continue to "Experience Quality Massage" in our new locations and we look forward to new horizons!

    Sunday, August 30, 2009

    Relay for Life a Success!

    First of all, let me take a moment to thank all of you who have donated to support me in the Relay for Life benefiting the American Cancer Society. I had no idea how much I'd be able to raise and have been amazed at the generosity of friends, family members, and clients who have stepped up to the plate. I have exceeded expectations and reached several goals only to aim higher. It seems so many of us have been affected by this disease and so it really hits close to home.

    For those of you who have yet to donate, you'll be happy to know that I can still accept donations through Monday August 31st, even thought the Relay is over. Please go to my personal page and donate whatever amount you are comfortable with.

    The Relay itself was a great experience! I recommend getting involved next year if you haven't done so. The event itself is a lot of fun. As a team you can choose to walk, run, or ride in the Relay. It's not a race, just take turns going out on the courses and enjoy the day. As Team Sugar, we chose to ride our mountain bikes on the course laid out for us in Round Valley near the Quinn's Junction recreational complex. The course wasn't too difficult, but we all got a good workout and had a lot of fun riding it. We each did about 2 or 3 laps of the course.

    When we weren't out on the course, we enjoyed the live music, great food, and the events inside on the ice rink. We could mingle with other teams as well as each other and just enjoy being outside working together for a good cause. I set up my massage chair and did some 10 minute massages to benefit the American Cancer Society as well. After sunset, there was the Ceremony of Hope and the lighting of the luminaria which were all decorated by individuals who wished to honor the memory of someone who had succumbed to cancer or to celebrate those who have survived as well as support those still battling the disease. It was very moving to see the lighted bags along the walkway for us to wander past and acknowledge.

    I am so happy to have been a part of this experience. I hope that my efforts will help in some small way all of those who have been diagnosed with cancer or will in the future. May our struggles honor those we've lost and give hope to those still here on the battle field.

    Saturday, August 15, 2009

    Relay for Life Benefiting the American Cancer Society

    I'm really excited to be joining Team Sugar August 29th in the Relay for Life in Park City to benefit the American Cancer Society. Cancer is a disease that has affected all of us in some way, including me so I encourage anyone who can to support Relay for Life.

    There are several ways to get involved. The simplest way is to donate. Even $5 will help, so go to my personal Relay for Life web page and click "donate" to give an online donation. My Personal Page. If you'd prefer not to donate online, there is an "offline donation" form you can print out located at the bottom of my page which will allow you to mail a check. If you're feeling frisky, join our Team and run, walk, or ride the course with us on August 29th.

    If you have a loved one you'd like to honor, the luminaria may be a good option for you. There will be a Luminaria Ceremony of Hope at sunset where illuminated bags will honor those who have either fallen to or survived cancer. For $10 you can dedicate on of these luminarias which include a personalized message for the person you want to honor.

    If nothing else, join us at the Quinn's Junction Recreation Complex in Park City for a day of fun. The day's events begin at noon and go until midnight and include figure skating performances, a public open skate, hockey games, and Skating with the Stars featuring legendary 5-time Olympic speed skating gold medalist and professional cyclist Dr. Eric Heiden, plus USA Hockey Level 4 coach and Brown University Captain/All Ivy Team superstar Bob Devaney.

    I would like to dedicate my efforts to long time client Nancy Roush who passed away recently after battling cancer for 10 long years. She will be remembered and missed.

    Visit my Relay for Life page to get involved.

    Monday, August 3, 2009

    Double the Therapy, Twice the Relaxation!

    It's August and time for a brand new special! This month we're lowering the price on our "Pure Luxury Four Hands" massage. This is one of our most decadent treatments and for this month will only run you $80/hr (reg $100/hr). Your session can be as long as 90 minutes which would be the equivalent of receiving 3 hours of bodywork in half the time.

    The "4-Hands" massage has long been a favorite among our clients who love to find better ways to relax and is a must try for every fan of massage. It features both members of our Team working in unison on the body to create a massage experience that will blow you away! We combine both targeted and focused work with soothing tandem strokes that send you into another world. You'll have your scalp and feet massaged simulaniously along with elements of Aromatherapy, Reflexology, steamed towels, and a taste of Hot Stone massage which are all a part of making this experience sublime. We invite you to put yourself in our hands and let us lull you into a state of bliss with a symphony of bodywork.

    Call either Team member to schedule your appointment...

    Jenni Curtis 801*879*4173
    Eileen Keiser 801*574*1325

    *Pure Luxury Four Hands special good for the month of August 2009. Can be combined with our first-time client discount ($10 off) but not with any other offer.

    Tuesday, July 28, 2009

    Women on Wheels!

    This past weekend, I had the pleasure of joining Team Sugar of White Pine Touring in Park City for a "women only" mountain bike ride on Utah's Wasatch Crest trail. What a great way to spend a Saturday! I'm so happy to have been introduced to this awesome group of ladies.

    I started mountain biking last summer and have really enjoyed picking up the sport. It's challenging, fun, and gets me out into the beautiful nearby mountains for some great exercise and a regular attitude adjustment. Thus far, I've ridden mostly with men. I've pushed myself in keeping up with them which has doubtless improved my skills, but when I heard about a group of women who don't mind getting dirty on the mountain bike trails and encourage other women to learn to ride, I was excited to be a part of it!

    Team Sugar is dedicated to promoting the sport of mountain biking among women and they provide a great service in helping women get out and ride and improve their riding skills. Every Tuesday night during the summer, women of a variety of skill levels meet at White Pine Touring in Park City. They are divided into groups based on those skill levels and lead by more experienced guides who seem to really enjoy helping to promote the sport among other women. From beginners to intermediate and advanced levels, there's a ride for everyone and an evening of learning and fun for all. The women support each other, wait for each other on the trails and enjoy the social aspect of the rides as well. What an awesome resource for active women in Utah!

    The Crest Ride on Saturday was for level 2 riders and above and included a shuttle to Guardsman Pass, guides for the ride, and a BBQ afterwards. It was well worth my $15. We were also provided with Cliff bars and energy goo along with name tags to help us get to know each other. I found the women to be friendly and full of energy. We were ready for a great ride!

    From Guardsman Pass which can be accessed from either Big Cottonwood Canyon near Brighton and Solitude ski resorts or from Park City above Deer Valley and Park City Mountain resorts we began our ascent on the Wasatch Crest trail. The trail starts out pretty mellow. It rolls through trees up and down to a crossroads where you can choose to ride into Jupiter Bowl of Park City Mountain Resort or ascend "Puke Hill" to the top of the Wasatch Ridge above Big Cottonwood Canyon and Park City. "Puke Hill" is an infamous portion of the Crest trail and can be considered a great accomplishment if you can ride it cleanly, without stopping, all the way to the top. It's steep with loose rocks and the altitude is considerable about 9,900 feet at the top. I was impressed at how well every member of our group rode that climb. Especially the last and steepest part which presents itself as you turn the corner thinking you've almost made it only to find that the worst is just before you and you're almost out of breath.

    As a reward for that long, horrid climb, the views at the top are spectacular! You can see down onto Brighton and Solitude as well as Park City. You are on the top of the world. In fact, riding the Crest trail feels like that the whole time you're on it. The views of the Wasatch peaks and canyons are all around you; one constantly trying to outdo the next. It makes me so happy to be living here in Salt Lake City where I have easy access to such beauty.

    So we continued on the Crest trail as it rolls along the ridge. There are two more significant climbs nicknamed the "Red-headed Step Sisters." The red dirt trail is very deceiving and ends up being a much bigger climb than it looks as you approach it. After that it's on to the "Spine." The Spine is a rocky ridge if shale above Desolation Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon and The Canyons ski resort near a lift knowns as "Ninety Nine Ninety." It takes a skilled rider to ride down the Spine without walking. Several of the ladies rode the Spine. I look forward to being able to ride it in the future.

    From the Spine, your options open up. You can drop down towards Desolation Lake and the Mill D trail head of Big Cottonwood Canyon, the route I took the first time I rode the Wasatch Crest. Its a blast and I highly recommend it. You can also veer right where you can either descend into Millcreek Canyon via the Big Water trail or into Park City and The Canyons ski resort where there are a variety of trails to choose from. We headed down into Park City onto trails called "Rob's" and "Collins" and out into the Sun Peak neighborhood.

    The downhill was really fun with a few technical challenges and plenty of switchbacks. One section was like a roller coaster through the trees and we all had huge smiles on our faces as we finished it. I think I even caught a little air here and there! Weee! At the end of the ride we were impressed at how quickly we'd finished it. I was glad I hadn't slowed anyone down. I may still be new at the sport, but I did pretty well keeping up with all the lady rippers! We were all hungry for our BBQ and set out to ride the highway back to White Pine Touring and our cars

    The BBQ was at a great little house not far from the bike shop and the spread was incredible! There were chips and veggies with salsa and hummus ready for immediate consumption along with my Salads of greens, feta, and fruit set off chicken sausages and veggie burgers which we all happily ate until we were full. There was plenty of visiting between all the women. Some of us were getting to know each other and others had clearly been friends for a while. I felt fortunate to be a part of it. I can't wait to go to a Tuesday night ride and continue to acquaint myself with Team Sugar. I encourage Utah women of all ages to do the same. I hope to see you there!

    Team Sugar

    Utah Mountain Biking

    Wednesday, July 1, 2009

    Efusjon is in the house!

    I am happy to announce a new product now available in our massage studio! Efusjon Energy is a new line of all-natural energy drinks made with organic ingredients and packed with vitamins to give you a safer and healthier alternative to much of what is currently available on the market. These lightly carbonated drinks are made with Acai berry juice which is very high in antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your cells against damage and have become very important in today's toxic world. As one of natures top super foods, the Acai berry also supports the body's metabolism, can fight fatigue and depression, and improve concentration. You'll find it is rich in folic acid, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, protein, polynutrients, vitamin C and E, amino acids, and Omega 3, 6, and 9. That's one powerful berry!

    Currently there are two versions of Efusjon to choose from: Raw which is non-caffeinated and Edge which does include caffeine for those who need an extra boost. Both of these contain the organic Acai berry juice. Also look for Efusjon Breeze made with Mangosteen and Efusjon Dawn made with Quercetin coming soon. Check out the ingredients and nutritional facts of Efusjon Raw below!

    It has always been our goal to offer our clients only the best and encourage health and wellness in general. Water will always be provided after your session and is the most important thing to consume when you are recovering from a therapeutic massage. It's best to schedule your massage for a time when you will be able to rest and give your body time to process through the full effects and benefits it provides. I know many people have very busy schedules and are lucky to fit a massage in where they can. If you have to go back to work after your massage, an Efusjon drink to-go may be just the thing to get you back into a productive mode. I do want to encourage your post-massage state of relaxation, however, and would also suggest taking your drinks with you to enjoy at a later time.

    For information about the Efusjon Energy Club, please visit my blog

    Sunday, May 31, 2009

    Summer "Bounce Back" Special!

    Summer is meant to be enjoyed! We want to help you make your 2009 summer season as good as it gets! This is the time when everyone wants to be outside enjoying summer sports and vacations, but we often forget to take care of our bodies in the meantime. It is critical that we keep ourselves maintained and able to enjoy summer activities to their fullest. Our June and July special is designed to make getting your regular bodywork affordable and encourage you to come back in for your next massage while we can still build on the last one. Make this the healthiest summer yet!

    Here's how it works. Come in any time during the month of June or July for a therapeutic massage or any of our other premium services. You'll receive a "Bounce Back" coupon with every full-priced service you purchase good for 30 days to come back and receive another quality massage for 1/2 price! There is no limit to how many coupons you can accumulate, just use them before they expire. It's as simple as that!*

    Looking for a Father's Day, wedding, or birthday gift? Maybe they'd enjoy a great massage. We'll also give you a "Bounce Back" coupon with every Gift Certificate you purchase. Use it for yourself as a reward for thinking of such a wonderful gift or give it to Dad to boost his already awesome present! Just keep in mind that coupons will be good for 30 days from date of purchase.

    Give us a call to start living it up this summer!

    Eileen Keiser, LMT 801*574*1325 Jenni Curtis, LMT 801*879*4173

    *Bounce Back Special is good for all full price massages purchased during the months of June and July 2009. ½ priced coupons are good for 30 days from date of purchase on services of equal or lesser value from the same therapist who provided the initial service.

    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Glenwood Hot Springs and Spa of the Rockies

    I just got back from a fabulous road trip to Colorado! One of our stops was the Lodge at Glenwood Springs where I visited the Spa of the Rockies and soaked in the Hot Springs pool. First of all, let me say that Glenwood Springs is absolutely beautiful! When researching online, I found that there was no shortage of cool activities to choose from and I only wish that I'd had more time to fully experience what this place has to offer. Next time I visit, I plan to explore the Vapor Caves.

    Glenwood Springs itself has a very small town vibe with an air of history about it. I immediately felt relaxed as I looked around at the surrounding canyons and red dirt mountains covered with greenery. Local breweries, restaurants and coffee shops are easy to walk to via a pedestrian foot bridge across the highway and river. The Lodge was comfortable and the staff very helpful and we were glad to be so close to the Hot Springs Pool which was included in the price of our room. As we walked to the pool, we could smell the distinct aroma of sulfur which reminded us that we were in a natural geothermal area which, to me, is very fascinating. This is really the first hot springs I've visited and I was excited to experience it!

    There were two pools, a large one kept at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit and a smaller "therapy pool" kept at 104 degrees. We went straight for the hot one and found that after a while we felt a little overheated even though it didn't seem to be all that hot. We sat on the steps for a bit and then tried the other pool, which did feel cool in comparison. It was quite refreshing! The weather in Glenwood Springs over the Memorial Day weekend was actually rainy and chilly so we returned to the Therapy Pool again to warm up before getting out for some dinner. The pools are open until 10pm and look lovely all lit up after dark. They are also quite nice to be soaking in during a rainstorm as the steam rises and you can feel the contrast of cool and warm water on your skin.

    The next afternoon, I visited the Spa of the Rockies which overlooks the Hot Springs Pool. This is a new addition to the Glenwood Springs resort and has been recently renovated. Inside it is breathtakingly beautiful and you feel immediately pampered. I was shown to the dressing room and given a locker with a robe and sandals to change into. The dressing room was fully equipped with everything you could need and through some glass doors was a fountain and a steam room where you could start your relaxation process. In the steam room, I found wet washcloths with the scent of eucalyptus which I used on my face. After that, I went to the Serenity room to enjoy some jasmine tea while I waited for my therapist to come and get me. There were also dried fruit, nuts, and either lemon or cucumber water to drink along with other loose teas to choose from. I took note of the blankets, footstools, and settees for sitting and relaxing.

    My therapist, who was an older gentleman, came and took me to the treatment room. I was a little disappointed that they were having some technical difficulties with the Vichy Shower so I would not have that as a part of my treatment. I've always wanted to try one and so I'd requested it. Instead, the room had a regular shower for me to use. The Spirit Purification Ritual I'd booked, started with an adobe mud mixture applied to my body with exfoliating gloves. The warm mud felt good and I liked the scratchy sensation of the gloves. I was then wrapped in plastic, a thermal reflective blanket, and other warm blankets and given a foot and scalp massage while the mud dried on my skin and pulled impurities from my body. After that I showered and was back on the table for a bit of a juniper and sage lotion massage. When the treatment was finished, I was taken back to the Serenity room and left to relax and dress at my leisure.

    My overall Spa experience was a little mixed. They do seem to be slightly understaffed and working out some kinks still. I got the impression that my therapist was experimenting with the treatment which led me to believe that there is not much of a protocol for him to follow. The experience could have been more seamless and professional. After all, we are paying a lot of money for these spa treatments and we expect to be thoroughly wowed! Are spa treatments ever worth the money? I wonder. They do have a beautiful facility there, however, and the staff is very accommodating and friendly. I hope to visit again, but perhaps I'll just get a facial at the spa and spend my money on a river trip or cave exploration instead.

    In general, Colorado is a really nice place to visit. They have great mountain biking, cool little mountain towns, and who can pass up the opportunity to enjoy natural hot springs? Oh, and they seem to be good at making beer too. I recommend checking it out!

    Glenwood Hot Springs

    Friday, May 1, 2009

    Room Available for Rent in Our Studio

    I'm sad to say that April Souleret will be moving on and vacating her massage room here in our studio. This is good news for someone out there looking to practice in a quiet, comfortable, down-to earth place like ours. Our studio is a charming 1930's home located on 3300 south easily accessed by freeways and not more than 20 minutes from most anywhere in the Salt Lake valley. Inside, you'll find a beautiful waiting area with hardwood floors and a fireplace along with plenty of amenities including a full kitchen, shower, and laundry facilities. We know someone will be excited to welcome their clients here and look forward to meeting some cool prospective house-mates.

    The available room is actually the largest room in the house so you will not be cramped working in it. The room is unfurnished allowing for its new occupant to decorate to their own personal tastes. There is a mini-fridge included and two closets for storage. I am asking $400 per month with a 6 month lease. Please call me for a tour of our studio and your new office space!

    Jenni Curtis 801*879*4173

    Friday, April 24, 2009

    ~* Flowers and Massage for Mother's Day *~

    I'm excited to announce a new special for Mother's Day. We've never done anything like this before, but I'm confident that everyone will appreciate this incredible option to combine two wonderful gifts for the price of one. Every Mother is sure to covet a fabulous massage or Heavenly Soles Foot Treatment from Salt Lake's Premiere Massage Therapy Team™. What could make the perfect gift even better? Free flowers!

    We are offering free flowers with every Mother's Day gift certificate we sell. We'll give you the choice of taking a potted flowering plant with you when you purchase your gift certificate to give to your special Mom on Mother's Day, or save it for later. If you choose, we'll have fresh flowers waiting for her when she comes in for her appointment for a second unexpected surprise! Either way, you can't go wrong. Moms love flowers and Moms love to be pampered.

    We've got an option for every taste and every budget. For $60 choose either a One Hour Therapeutic Massage or a Heavenly Soles Reflexology Foot Treatment. For $85 your options include a 90 Minute Massage or a One Hour Massage with a Sugar Scrub. $95 will buy you a 90 Minute Hot Stone Massage or a 90 Minute Fire and Ice Massage. For a complete list of options visit our services page at

    Give either Team member a call to schedule a time to pick up your Mother's Day gift certificates. Jenni Curtis, LMT 801*879*4173 or Eileen Keiser, LMT 801*574*1325

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009

    Feeling Taxed? April's Special is Your Remedy!

    This is the month to "Supersize" your massage and put yourself on more even keel. As Masssage Therapists, we're always wishing we had more time to make more of a difference for our clients. That's why, all month long, we're going to extend your massage for FREE!* Receive...

    A 90 Minute Massage for just $60 and...
    A 2 Hour Massage for just $85

    We love to give longer massages because it allows us to work more of the body with greater detail. All the muscles in the body work together making it beneficial to work as much of it as possible. Even if you have pain in a particular area, it's always good to address the body as a whole rather than to work small areas only. Doing so will greatly improve our chances of addressing the problem.

    A longer massage also means that you'll be able to relax more fully and completely "zone out." You'd be surprised how quickly an hour can go by when you're enjoying a nice therapeutic massage. No need to end it when you're really only just getting started.

    We know a lot of people have been tightening the belt and neglecting regular bodywork lately, so we KNOW you could use a serious overhaul right about now. Even if you're body is feeling ok, chances are you've been under a little extra stress in the past few months and could use some relief. Once we get started, there are sure to be places that are more in need of massage than you realized. Not to worry, you'll be getting 30 extra minutes absolutely free!

    Eileen Keiser, LMT 801*574*1325
    Jenni Curtis, LMT 801*879*4173

    *Cannot be combined with any other offer. Massage can be as long as you'd like and must be a minimum of 90 minutes long to receive discount.

    Monday, March 30, 2009

    "Therapeutic Section" on Craigslist

    Thank you to all the licensed providers of therapeutic massage services who are still posting on Craigslist despite the onslaught of posters from the "erotic" section.

    It's safe to say that we all know there are two types of massage providers and massage clientele. There are those who are dedicated to and provide massage as a Health and Wellness practice and there are those who seek and offer massage as a part of the Adult Entertainment industry. Most massage therapists who have been doing this a while have come to terms with this fact and could really care less how people choose to spend/earn their money or what they consider to be "therapeutic". No amount of crack-downs will stop it. That's reality. What we do want is to be differentiated from the "other" type of massage.

    Unfortunately, this has become more difficult in recent months. Craigslist used to be a great place for LMT's to advertise and find clients seeking legitimate massage services. Now it is hard to stand out in a sea of individuals offering "sensual," "erotic," "bikini/lingerie," and "happy ending" massages. Many potential clients will go elsewhere to seek what they need when it appears that they are in the wrong place.

    So again, thanks to those LMT's who continue to post there, offering some sense of legitimacy to the section and the rest of us who continue posting there in search of clients seeking massage for Health purposes. If anyone is looking for an alternative, I know a great website/forum reserved for the therapeutic massage industry. I hope Craigslist can find a better way to keep our two industries separate and less confusing/frustrating.


    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Eileen's St Patrick's Day Special!

    Eileen Keiser, LMT is spreading a little luck 'o the Irish with a one day St Patrick's Day special.

    $40/hr for a QUALITY therapeutic massage today!

    This is a wonderful opportunity to find out how good the newest member of Salt Lake's Premiere Massage Therapy Team™ really is!

    Eileen Keiser, LMT (801) 574-1325

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Come See Us! Patrol Day at Brighton Resort

    This coming Saturday, March 14th, we'll be at Brighton Resort for Patrol Day! Look for us out on the Alpine Rose Deck from 12-3 where we'll be offering free 5 minute chair massages. You'll have the opportunity to meet us, relieve some stress, and even win a massage gift certificate to come and see us in our Salt Lake studio. There will be lunch, Avalanche Dog Demo, Bake Sale, a Live Auction, and Raffle Tickets available for purchase all day long (you do not need to be present to win). Come enjoy a great day with us at at Brighton! Proceeds benefit the Brighton Volunteer Ski Patrol and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

    Wondering what some of the prizes will be? Jenni Curtis and Eileen Keiser of Salt Lake's Premiere Massage Therapy Team™(that's us!) have each donated two gift certificates for a One Hour Therapeutic Massage in our beautiful Salt Lake facility. Also win or bid on 5 day Desolation Canyon River Trips, Brighton season passes, a Bobsled Ride at Utah Olympic Park, Ballet West and Utah Symphony tickets, Hotel/Casino stays in popular Nevada cities, Ski/Snowboard jackets and other clothing, ski poles and boots, tune-ups, rentals, and more!

    The day's events begin at 11am and go all day long. $5 will get you a Ren Diner Sloppy Joe, chips, and a cookie! Baked good will be available for purchase at the base of Crest lift and the top of every lift in the resort. A nifty avalanche dog demo will be going on at 11am in the Snake Creek Bowl. This will be a great time for all whether you come to ski/ride or just hang out and get some fresh mountain air. We look forward to seeing you!

    More information and full schedule available at the Brighton website.

    Saturday, February 28, 2009

    Let Us "Rock" Your World!

    I am very excited about this month's special because I absolutely love giving massages with hot stones! Some may assume that hot stones are nothing more than a novelty offered by spas to people who want to be pampered. While hot stones ARE pampering, they are so much more than a novelty. The more I use them, the more they become a staple in my massage practice. The therapeutic benefits are amazing and the results are instantly noticeable.

    For thousands of years, rocks have been used for healing by many native people including the Chinese who used small rocks over 4,000 years ago to work the meridians and bring wellness to the organs and muscles by pressing them into acu-points in order to balance the energy in the body and detoxify the organs. Some Native American tribes used stones in their healing ceremonies as I found last month when I visited the sweat lodge. Several people have developed the modern techniques for hot rock massage and there are many difference approaches out there. I received my training at the Utah College of Massage Therapy and have developed my own style over time and experience with the stones. Eileen has been trained by me in one on one sessions and will offer her own flavor to the style as well. Either way, the benefits are many and the experience is always one of a kind.

    Rocks come from the earth and are very grounding. They have a presence about them that can be quite nurturing. The simple weight of a stone on the abdomen or lower back can bring awareness to that area and promote relaxation. Heat added to the pressure of the rock serves to deepen that awareness and intensify the relaxing effect. The smoothness of the rocks make it difficult for the receiver to tell the difference between the therapist's hands and the stones. Interestingly, the energy of rocks can be measured and they carry a negative charge that acts like a magnet to draw out and neutralize energy in the body. The therapist can work deeper into the tissue as the stones help to melt away the layers of tension.

    Clients will feel deeply affected by this treatment on many levels. Rest and recovery time along with drinking plenty of water is recommended after a hot stone session. Also, due to the intricacy of the work with the rocks and the many phases that can be included in this treatment, a 90 minute session or longer is recommended. The only way to really know what a hot stone massage is like is to experience it and that's exactly what we hope you'll do this month.

    During the month of March we'll be offering free hot stone upgrades! That means you'll only pay for a standard massage session, but you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the FULL hot stone experience. Also, this month we will allow new clients to combine their first-time client discount with this special. The hot stone upgrades will be given at your request. Because there is extra set-up time for these sessions, we ask that you give us some notice to ensure our ability to accommodate you.

    Jenni Curtis, LMT 801*879*4173

    Eileen Keiser, LMT 801*574*1325

    Friday, February 20, 2009

    Sunday in a Native American Sweat Lodge

    While most people were at Super Bowl parties, I was sitting in a Native American Sweat Lodge in Sandy, Utah. It was a strange and wonderful experience I'd love to revisit and I don't regret missing the "big game" for one minute. It was all thanks to Brian Petersen, a massage therapist I met who recently moved here from San Diego. He told me about the active community of people here in Utah who enjoy participating in the spiritual ceremonies of the Native people who once roamed the countrysides of America.

    I arrived at a private home where a local woman keeps an authentic Sweat Lodge built to the satisfaction of the Elders and there found a group of people sitting around a large fire which was being tended for the purpose of heating several melon-sized stones. The lodge was a dome-shaped framework of willow branches covered with blankets and tarp and its door was open and facing east. Inside, a pit had been dug and the dirt piled a few feet in front of the door as an alter with several spiritual symbols arranged on top. The leader of the Sweat was an older gentleman who had been trained in the Lakota ways and he spoke to us all as we sat around the fire about Wakan Tankan or Great Mystery and the purpose of the Sweat Lodge. I understood it to be a purification ceremony in which we hoped to achieve a closeness to Mother Earth and a connectedness to all things and the people around us, all of whom we could consider to be relatives.

    As the sacred stones in the fire began to reach their intended temperature, the ceremony began. Prayers and songs were offered up in the seven directions as our leader put pinches tobacco into his peace pipe. Each participant was invited to take some of the sacred tobacco and offer their own prayer or intention to the fire and the stones. We then proceeded to walk around the lodge in a clockwise direction stopping at the doorway to be smudged with sage and lemongrass before crawling into the opening of the lodge. When all were seated within the walls of the lodge, the first seven stones were brought from the fire and carefully placed in the pit with antlers then positioned to represent the seven directions, north, east, south, west, sky, earth, and within. With the stones in place, the door was shut and the first round began.

    Our leader instructed that a drum be played and Native songs sung while he poured sacred water representing the water of the womb, onto the glowing stones. Hot steam began to fill the small, dark, room as we all sang along in prayer. After four songs, the door was opened and some of the people took turns talking about whatever they felt like sharing. The lodge cooled, more stones were brought in from the fire, and we readied ourselves for the next round. The third round, named the "healing round" was the hottest. For a moment, I had to stop singing because I found it hard to breath in the super heated air. It was a short round, however, and it wasn't long before the door was opened again. It wasn't until the end of the fourth round that I began to feel the effects of the sweat. I felt tired and a little light-headed but I also felt a wonderful energy that offered a certain strength that I could take with me into the world.

    When the final song ended, the door was again opened and it was at this time that the peace pipe was passed around. Each person took one or more puffs and then offered the pipe toward the sky to signify our connection between heaven and earth. When this was finished, the group crawled clockwise around the lodge and then out the door. I was completely soaked through and went to find my dry change of clothes. We all stood around the fire drinking water and eating snacks talking and reflecting on our experience. I did feel somewhat drained, but definitely renewed and ready to take on the world, after a good night's sleep, of course.

    I can't help but feel like the Native people of this land really had a wonderful connection and harmony with the world and their spirituality is something all of us can learn from. I am so grateful to have had this experience and hope to take the energy I was able to harvest during the Sweat with me into my daily activities and even share it with all those I come in contact with from day to day. Life is a constant balancing act and being able to get away from daily routines to collect our strength is so vital to our ability to continue moving forward. I would encourage all people to find some way to recharge from time to time be it through meditation, exercise, getting out into nature, church, or whatever it is that keeps you sane. We all need some way to stay grounded.

    Here is a web page with a lot of information on Sweat Lodges. The Sweat Lodge Now, go in peace, my friends.

    Sunday, February 1, 2009

    ~* Twice as Nice...February Special *~

    Something as absolutely wonderful as a massage is meant to be shared. We all have someone in our lives who we'd like to see benefit from a practice that has made such a difference in our own lives. We have people we care about and we'd like to do something really cool together. Then there's that holiday, "Valentine's Day" and we've got to find a great way to celebrate it. Even the single and unattached can celebrate the holiday of love by treating themselves and a close friend or family member to a decadent massage from Salt Lake's Premiere Massage Therapy Team™.

    This February, enjoy...TWO for ONE QUALITY Massage!*

    Yes, you read that correctly. You and your sweetie, friend, family member, blind date, or even a complete stranger can each enjoy a rejuvenating massage, but you'll only pay for one of them. All you have to do is schedule your appointment with both Jenni and Eileen and come in together to enjoy this unprecedented special pricing. It's our way of helping to bring people together, chase those mid-winter blues away and celebrate the power of TWO.

    Call either member of the Team to schedule your February appointment:

    Jenni Curtis, LMT 801*879*4173

    Eileen Keiser, LMT 801*574*1325

    *Valid only when two people come in together at the same time to both Jenni and Eileen. No outcalls or gift certificates. Free massage must be of equal or lesser value. Not valid with any other offer.

    Tuesday, January 27, 2009

    Nintendo Wii Causes Repetitive Motion Injuries

    I found a very interesting article about my favorite gaming console, the Nintendo Wii. It seems that excessive Wii playing can cause repetitive motion injuries. Surprising? Not really.

    When I first started playing the Wii, I found myself quite addicted to the bowling game. It was a really fun game to play with my friends and even by myself. I could spend more than an hour at a time perfecting my throw. Once I even bowled a perfect 300! The key was keeping my technique consistent. Talk about repetitive motion! I would wake up the next day with a sore elbow, wrist, and shoulder. Just like real bowling right? Well, not exactly.

    You see, when people play real sports there is typically a warm up involved followed by a variety of physical exertion and some kind of time limitation. With the Wii, you can play for hours at a time and body motions are less varied since you are playing in a small space in front of your television set, and does anyone stretch or warm up before playing a video game? I certainly don't. The availability and easy use of the Wii is also key since there is no need to round up other people to play with and weather delays are virtually non existent.

    While the Wii's encouragement of physical activity is positive, the increase of these repetitive motion injuries is certainly the downside. Common injuries include tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, back and knee pain, and shoulder and elbow strains. Lucky for all those Wii players, massage therapy is a great solution for these kinds of problems. A good massage therapist can relax the muscles and release nerve entrapments associated with repetitive motion injuries. A reduction in pain and other symptoms can result, allowing the Wii player to play another day. Hooray!

    Read this article in its entirety at

    Wii players come see us for a massage...

    Jenni Curtis, LMT 801*879*4173

    Eileen Keiser, LMT 801*574*1325

    Monday, January 19, 2009

    The Amazing Body Worlds Exhibit

    As a student of massage therapy, I had the opportunity to study the human body in great detail. With each discovery, I learned how unique and miraculous our bodies truly are. Each piece is a part of a symphony contributing to the beautiful harmony that is the living soul.

    For many of us, the way our body functions is a mystery and with that mystery can lurk fear. I remember being afraid to go to my Anatomy class's cadaver lab because I knew I'd be seeing real human body parts and the idea was unnerving. Once I got there, I realized that my fears were largely unfounded and surrendered myself to the fascination that came with each new learning experience. Our bodies are these organic machines with so many layers and yet, we are simply animals in the end.

    The Body Worlds exhibit takes the cadaver lab to a whole new level! They have transformed these donated bodies into complete works of art. I am so happy I had the chance to see it while it was here in Salt Lake City. I was able to walk around each display with wide eyes taking in a 360 degree view of muscles, bones, tendons, and organs. It was breathtaking!

    The concept behind Body Worlds are the innovations of Gunther von Hagens who developed the process of plastination. He was able to preserve, dissect, and position the bodies for the purpose of education and appreciation. Each exhibit demonstrates different aspects, functions, and layers of the human body, all displayed with beauty and grace. Beyond the fully intact plastinates, there are countless glass cases showing various organs, some healthy, some diseased, some containing artificial additions depicting our modern technology at work. I was particularly impressed by the "smoker's lung," which was completely black. Appropriately there was a nearby station where smokers could dispose of their cigarettes and pledge to quit the habit right there on the spot. Also shown was a cross-section of an obese individual. You'd be surprised to know all the places where the body stashes extra fat. Great motivation to eat healthy and exercise.

    The other exhibits that stood out to me were of the blood vessels. Plastic was injected into the arteries and then allowed to harden. After that all the rest of the matter was removed showing only the countless intricate vessels where the blood travels taking the fragile form of that particular living thing. This was done with organs, limbs, and even animals. It's hard to comprehend the sheer number of blood vessels present in any given specimen. Wow!

    Since attending Body Worlds, I have found new perspective when working on the clients who come to see me for massage. I can better visualize the muscles I am addressing and I am constantly going back in my mind to the wonderful exposition of bodies frozen in motion depicting the exquisiteness of the human form. I am reminded of how much I love my work and the ability to help people to realize their potentials. I encourage people who have yet to see the Body Worlds exhibit to make it a point to go and see it. You too will be amazed!

    Friday, January 9, 2009

    Invest in YOU!

    It's no secret that committing to regular bodywork is wonderful for your health. Consistent massage is a good way to prevent those problem areas from flaring up and injuries from occurring in the first place. Frequent massage will give you a general sense of well-being and facilitate a better awareness of your body which will help you to achieve your maximum physical and mental potential.

    So what's stopping us? Many people find that when they aren't in the habit of doing something, it's easy to put it off. We can always find some excuse whether it be time constraints or budgeting issues. But how much time and money do we waste doing frivolous things that don't give us any long-term benefits in return? Not only is getting a massage good for you, but it's also very enjoyable! You have that time to escape into a world where stress can't reach you and get up feeling relaxed and better balanced. So what can you do to make this a reality for yourself?

    Make a commitment and invest in yourself. Here is an investment that will always be good and always pay off. You'll never regret spending the money and time on something that is not only good for you, but feels good too. Nothing guilty about this pleasure!

    I'd like to help you acheive your goals for the new year by offering 10% off all of my packages in January.* By giving you more for your money, I hope to really maximize this investment for you. Not only will you be locking in your price and avoid waiting for the "next special" but you'll also be adding to the convenience of your massage regimen. No need to put it off because it's already paid for. If you'd like, you can even book all your appointments in advance. After that, just show up and enjoy the experience. It's that simple.

    So let's do the math...

  • 5/1 hour massages, regularly $275 now $247.50 or $49.50 per massage
  • 10/1 hour massages, regularly $500 now $450 or $45 per massage
  • 5/90 minute massages, regularly $400 now $360 or $72 per massage
  • 10/90 minute massages, regularly $750 now $675 or $67.50 per massage
  • 5/2 hour massages, regularly $525 now $472.50 or $94.50 per massage
  • 10/2 hour massages, regularly $1000 now $900 or $90 per massage
  • It is important to note that I will allow you to use these 2 or 1/2 at a time to add to the flexibility of possible massage times as you redeem your pre-paid package. Yes I do accept all major credit cards!

    *Special offered by Jenni Curtis, LMT (801) 879-4173

    Monday, January 5, 2009

    A New Team Member!

    The time has come to say goodbye to Tiffeny Salzetti, my business partner and friend of the past 3 years. I wish her all the best as she starts her practice anew in Boise, Idaho. I encourage anyone looking for a massage there to go and see her in her lovely new location. Her new website is QualityMassageIdaho Tiffeny, we will miss you!

    So where does that leave Salt Lake's Premiere Massage Therapy Team™? I am excited to announce our newest addition, Eileen Keiser, LMT who is also committed to providing only the highest quality of massage therapy to our guests. You'll find that members of our Team are still down-to-earth, have positive attitudes, and a passion for our work. We genuinely care about your health and well-being and will work hard to earn your business while providing straight forward good bodywork.

    To encourage everyone to give her a try, Eileen has chosen to add a little incentive to sweeten the pot a bit. For the entire month of January, her first time client discount will be doubled! That means $20 off every appointment! Get a one hour massage for only $40! Not a bad deal, eh? Give her a call at 801*574*1325