Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Winter's End Survival Special!

March is here and you've nearly survived the winter! But it's not over just yet! I've got your Winter survival solution. This month choose between a free Hot Stone upgrade for your 90 minute or 2 hour massage to get you warming up to Spring or add a full body organic scrub to your massage for just $15 and shed that lizard skin you've been struggling to properly moisturize these past months.*

Both options have their charm! The Hot Stones add a detoxifying element to your massage perfect for getting your body to its maximum healthy state so that you can enjoy an active season once the weather warms up. The 100% Pure organic body scrubs exfoliate that layer of dead, dry skin and give you a healthy glow along with the confidence to bare those shoulders and legs.

Call Jenni at 801*879*4173 to schedule an appointment today!

*Choose one special per visit. Enjoy as many visits throughout the month as you'd like!

Social Networking at Tahoe's Snowcial

MySpace, Facebook, Twitter were all once nothing more than a twinkle on the horizon. Now they are household names and even Grandma has a Facebook account. Some might say these are nothing more than new ways to waste a lot of time, like playing Solitaire or Bejeweled. But business people are beginning to see Social Networking sites as an incredible resource and a powerful tool for not only marketing themselves and building a professional network but also for feedback and a way to have direct access to consumers.

As a massage therapist running my own practice, I have definitely discovered the value of using social networking as an inexpensive way to promote myself in my community. It works well for me because all I really have to do is be myself and engage with people. When someone needs a massage, they feel more comfortable choosing someone they know over a random person from a directory or Craigslist ad. When I run a special, I can post it and link through Twitter and Facebook to instantly reach hundreds of potential clients. The important thing is to refrain from spamming and be real. People don't want to pay attention to a cyber robot who spews about the products it's selling. We will pay attention to someone who seems to have something of real value to offer us and won't just be more white noise for us to tune out.

All of these ideas and more were openly discussed in January at the 2010 Tahoe Snowcial. Snowcial is a gathering of all kinds of professionals interested in technology, social networking, and snow sports. Hosted by Heavenly Resort and Harrah's Hotel and Casino we were treated to a variety of events designed to get us to network with each other, talk shop, and have a little fun in the process. We enjoyed a half-day conference with speakers who broadened our understanding of how to use social media and the internet to our best benefit. The keynote speaker was MC Hammer who surprisingly had a wealth of knowledge to share with us. Beyond that, we also did a little partying, saw MC Hammer perform live, and spent our days on the slopes of Heavenly Ski Resort even doing a scavenger hunt which was a riot! Not only was the weekend fun, but I found it to be very valuable to my business. It was a wonderful experience and a good use of my time. I not only recommend Tahoe Snowcial to business professionals who enjoy playing in the snow, but I also recommend that small business owners like me look into utilizing social networking sites and building an online presence. This is certainly the way of the future.

For more information on Tahoe Snowcial visit their website.