Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Awesome Holiday Special for December!!

We are all tightening our belts this holiday season and stress levels are on the rise. No worries! You can still afford QUALITY massage!

**$20 off Everything all month long!**

That includes all gift certificates too! Which means a bigger gift for your buck and more stress relief when you need it the most.

Call for your appointment! Jenni Curtis, LMT 801*879*4173

*This special is being offered by Jenni, LMT only.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Massage Therapist's Dream Job

It's hard to believe that I've been a Massage Therapist for 10 years now, and when I look back on my career so far I can see that I've come a long way. As a student I couldn't imagine having my own private practice and was really just hoping to work at a spa somewhere. The idea of being self-employed scared me, yet here I am! I'm so happy that I've gone in this direction because I think it has been far more rewarding and fullfilling than a spa job would have been.

I worked for outcall services, salons, day spa's and "other people" for the first few years of my career and I learned things as I went. I found that the benefits of self-employment outweighed the risks and taking my destiny in my own hands was wonderfully freeing. I make my own schedule, living, working, and playing in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is natures playground and I have it all! My life is a balance between working with great clients who I get to see more than just once and playing in the mountains on my snowboard or mountain bike. I have time for my family and friends and I can take a vacation when I want to. I am in charge of my own success and the sky is the limit!

When I teamed up with Tiffeny Salzetti, things really began to take off! Together we had the motivation and commitment to quality necessary to build a thriving practice. We found a beautiful studio to call home and we absolutly love our clients. It's been an incredible ride! I'm sad to say that Tiffeny's path is taking her out of Utah leaving me with a void to fill. I wish her the best as I endeavor to find the right person to take her place.

I'm looking for someone who loves this work. We treat our clients as guests and pay close attention to every detail. Our studio is immaculate and welcoming to both our clients and us. We are always coming up with new ways to market ourselves and keep our phones ringing through the ups and downs of the economy and seasons. We run specials, post online, advertise in the City Weekly, and have a great website attracting thousands of visitors every month.

I need the right person to be a part of Salt Lake's Premiere Massage Therapy Team™. If you think that person could be you, or if you know the perfect woman/man for the job give me a call. I'm ready to meet you and discuss how we can move forward with a successful co-op of independent Massage Therapists or Wellness Providers. What a priviledge to be a positive part in the lives of the souls we encounter!

Jenni Curtis, LMT 801~879~4173

~Your lifetime in form is to be honored and celebrated. Go beyond your enslavement and live fully in the now, the only time you have. ~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ski Season is Here!

It's time for another season of "The Greatest Snow on Earth!" Many die-hard, super-excited skiers and snowboarders headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon for opening day at Snowbird. My dear friend Photo-John was one of them. Check out his picture montage.

It didn't take many runs to feel those legs burning. They just aren't used to this kind of excercise anymore. It doesn't seem to matter what you do to keep in shape all summer, there is this unique combination of muscles used to slide down a mountain slope that just doesn't get used unless you're doing just that.

Photo-John was smart enough to drive directly from the slopes, to my office for what some call "The Greatest Massage in Salt Lake." Boy is that a great way to end a sweet snow day! Not only does is feel wonderful, but a massage is great prevention for the extreme soreness you're sure to wake up with the day after skiing or riding for the first time in months. It won't take away from that sacred experience of feeling each muscle you worked so hard the day before and remembering how great those first few turns were, but it will help your body recover more quickly and with more ease.

Try it! And who better to work out those kinks than someone who's out there riding the slopes too and feels what you're feeling right along with you?

Photo-John's blog post

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Midweek blues are no match for the skills of Salt Lake's Premiere Massage Therapy Team.TM
That translates into 30 extra minutes absolutely free! This is the month to supersize your massage and find out what a difference that extra time can make. When it comes to QUALITY massage, you'll find it really goes a long way. We get results!
No need to wait for the weekend. Get ahead of the game. Relax and feel good today!
Jenni Curtis, LMT (801) 879-4173
Tiffeny Salzetti, LMT (801) 635-6722

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Doing Yoga Improves Your Quality of Life

For years I've been telling my clients about the benefits of adding yoga to their health maintainance routines. Yoga improves strength, flexibility, reduces the effects of stress and in general gives your body that extra edge. I guess what we're all looking for is a better quality of life. Yoga makes us more physically fit, gives us a better awareness of our bodies, more energy, and makes us more comfortable in our skin which can help us in all aspects of our lives and goes hand in hand with massage therapy. One of my favorite ways to spend a day off is a massage, yoga class, and a hot tub soak. It's the ultimate way to give back to your body, the body you ask a lot of day in and day out. Here is a website dedicated to yoga. I found this article very interesting as well. Peace =)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Who is Joe the Plumber?

Craigslist 10/16/2008 While McCain and Obama argue over 'Joe the plumber' (anyone hear NPR this morning?) Salt Lake's Premiere Massage Therapy Team tm worries over YOU: your physical and fincancial well-being. Economic times being what they are, we've decided to "walk the walk" and not just "talk the talk." We offer this month's special because we are truly all in this together. 1/2 OFF FULL 60 MINUTE MASSAGE APPOINTMENTS FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF OCTOBER! That comes out to an honest break - only $30 for a FULL HOUR of QUALITY massage therapy.
~Our massage, as you know, GETS RESULTS!
~No gimmicks
~No hassles
~No bargain basement massage
~No cutting corners

SLC's Premiere Massage Team Enters the Blogosphere

Known for being on the cutting edge in the massage industry, Salt Lake's Premiere Massage Therapy Team TM has now entered the blog universe. You've seen us on Craigslist,,, and our popular website, now we've got our own blog! This blog will be maintained by yours truly, Jenni, LMT who you may know from MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. It will be my pleasure to keep you all up on the latest in our world as well as the ever clever ads and Craigslist posts made by Tiffeny Salzetti, LMT who is our brilliant marketing mind and cofounder of the Team. Thanks in advance for tuning in.