Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Gift Certificate Sale - 2010

Starting Friday November 26th, massage gift certificates will be going on sale! Unlike some Black Friday sales, this one doesn't start until 10am and can be taken advantage of from the warmth of your home. Log in to www.massagebyjenni.com and click the Holiday Gift Certificates page to buy your Massage by Jenni gift certificates online. Be sure to set an alarm and shop this sale early because quantities are limited on all the best deals.

Here's what you'll find! Limited quantities of 25% and even 50% off gift certificates in 1 hour, 90 minute, and 2 hr increments! You'll be able to purchase one of each and they'll be available until quantities run out. Need more? Unlimited quantities of 10% off gift certificates will be available through December 24th in increments of 1 hour, 90 minute, 2 hour, and 3 hour (3-D) massages. All Holiday Gift Certificates will be valid December 26th, 2010 through June 30, 2011.

Call Jenni (801*879*4173) to purchase gift certificates in person or over the phone. Orders will be taken on a first come, first serve basis so be sure to leave a voice mail. A $1 flat rate will be charged for any shipping and credit cards taken over the phone will be charged a 4% surcharge.

Need to de-stress before Christmas? Come in between November 26th and December 24th for a quality massage and receive 10% off! Take a breath and enjoy every moment of this magical time of year. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Paradise Spa at the Inn at Mazatlan. Que Bueno!

Vacations are wonderful! Especially the ones that find you on a beautiful beach in Mazatlan, Mexico. This was my first time in Mexico and I must say that I don't think I could have asked for a better experience to introduce me to the best this country has to offer. The Inn at Mazatlan was a great place to stay. It was right on the beach near peddlers of fresh oysters and also close to a main street where many wonderful kinds of tacos could be found to eat. For those who aren't adventurous, the hotel's on-site restaurant offered high quality food, but I guarantee if you didn't try the locals' quesadillas al Pastor, Sinaloa style ceviche, or smoked Marlin tacos, you were missing out!

Besides eating tacos, exploring Mazatlan's old town, and relaxing on the beach, visiting the hotel's Paradise Spa was definitely on the agenda. After all, what's a vacation without a little professional pampering? I was delighted to find that the prices for spa services were very reasonable! They offered me a package that included a massage, manicure, and pedicure which I immediately snatched up. A woman named Cuca did all three starting with the massage which was wonderful. Often when I visit a spa, I don't book a massage because they can tend to be too light and "foofy." Not Cuca's! She gave a nice firm and very thorough massage that seemed longer than the 50 minutes allotted. When my body was sufficiently "noodled out," I sat down in my robe for my manicure and pedicure. My fingers looked all neat and clean and my toenails shimmered a bright coral color when she was finished. What a fabulous afternoon!

After the good experience I had with the massage package, I couldn't resist booking the Mayan Chocolate Therapy for the next day. Who wouldn't want to be covered in chocolate from head to toe? My friend Kristen(pictured above) and I arrived together, she for the massage/manicure/pedicure experience and I for the chocolatey body wrap and we were escorted to the steam room where we relaxed and chatted while our pores opened up in preparation for the pampering. Then it was on to our separate treatment rooms where we would experience true bliss.

My treatment started with an ex-foliating rub-down where the rich chocolate aromas began. My skin tingled with delight and I deeply inhaled to enjoy the sweet smell. When my skin was properly buffed, I was instructed to hop into the shower to rinse off. Then the real fun began. Cuca began painting my body with thick, dark brown chocolate. When hardly any white patches remained, she wrapped me up in a heating cocoon of blankets to allow the chocolate to absorb into my skin. She gave me a nice scalp massage before leaving me for a while to relish my choco-tranquility. This was all incredibly relaxing and I found myself dozing off into a dream-like state. Another shower to rinse the chocolate off was then followed by a nice massage done with a chocolate/hazelnut scented lotion. Total treatment time: 90 minutes.

So why would chocolate be good for the skin? Well there are two reasons. First, chocolate has moisturizing properties that soften the skin. This is most likely due to the cocoa butter. Second, the anti-oxidants in chocolate are great for fighting free-radicals and may result in smoothing wrinkles. My favorite reason to be covered in chocolate is that I get to smell like dessert for the rest of the day. Yum!

I would certainly recommend the Paradise Spa at the Inn at Mazatlan to anyone who enjoys such indulgences. They were friendly, clean, professional, and offered an incredible value! I have spent a lot more for less in other spas and felt that the quality of the experience in Mexico surpassed some the more expensive treatments I have received here in the States. I am grateful to the staff for being a part of what was a wonderful Mexican vacation and I hope to visit again soon!

Review courtesy of Massage by Jenni, LLC massagebyjenni.com

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer "Bounce Back" Special Returns!

Summer has returned to the Salt Lake Valley and so has the "Bounce Back" Special! Enjoy all of your summer activities knowing that you'll get a great deal on a quality massage to rejuvenate you after all that hard playing!

During the month of July, purchase a full-priced massage and receive a "Bounce Back" coupon good for 40% off your next service.* You'll have 30 days from the date of purchase to redeem your coupon. So buy as many as you like!

Have a fabulous summer and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Jenni Curtis, LMT

*Receive a 40% off coupon for every full-priced massage 1 hr or longer you purchase during the month of July. Coupons must be redeemed within 30 days of purchase date on a service of equal or lesser value not to exceed 2hrs.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Support Me in the Bike MS 150 Benefiting the Multiple Sclerosis Society

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic and very often disabling disease that attacks the Central Nervous System and interferes with the brain's ability to communicate with the rest of the body. Symptoms vary depending on the amount of damage and which nerves are affected but can become severe enough to cause paralysis, blindness and even cause a person to lose their ability to walk or speak. The disease is most commonly diagnosed in women between the ages of 20 and 40 who must learn to cope with the disease for the rest of their lives.

This frustrating disease has baffled doctors and patients for years. In the 1940's research was almost non-existent and there was a horrible lack of treatment options. Since the Multiple Sclerosis Society was formed in 1946, they have fueled research projects in pursuit of prevention, treatment, and a cure. We have come a long way, but still have a long way to go in understanding and conquering MS.

As a Massage Therapist, there is only so much I can do to help those who suffer from MS and I would like to do more to help them by riding with Team 24 Hour Fitness in the Bike MS 150 in Logan, Utah June 26th and 27th, 2010 to support the Multiple Sclerosis Society and help fund their research projects. But I can't do it alone! I need your support! I will be accepting cash, check, and online donations from now until the day of the ride. Make all checks payable to National MS Society and email me at jennilmt-bikems@yahoo.com for the mailing address. To make online donations, visit my personal page at bikeutu.nationalmssociety.org Remember that even the smallest donations will help me reach my goal and they are tax deductible, so don't hesitate. Do what you can!

For more information on Multiple Sclerosis and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, visit their website www.nationalmssociety.org

Thanks for your support! Jenni Curtis, LMT massagebyjenni.com

Saturday, April 3, 2010

"The Smile on My Forehead: Memoir of My Life With a Brain Injury" by Jennifer Mosher

When I first encountered Jennifer Mosher, she was just another woman in my classes at the gym. I'd see her most every week and we, along with several other gym members, would sweat out an hour of weight lifting and an hour of spin class. I had no idea that there was anything different about her until the teacher announced one day that her book, a memoir about her brain injury, had been published. I was intrigued because I had no idea she'd had a serious injury in the past and as someone who enjoys reading and writing, I can appreciate the work that must have gone into it. I knew I was interested in purchasing her book not only to read it, but also to show my support.

As I began to read Jennifer's memoir, I was taken into her world; a world not unlike my own. She was a good student and a hard worker on her way to a bright future. There was no warning that a horrible car accident would take place while she traveled from her home in Minnesota back to school at BYU in August of 1994. Those few quick seconds would change her life and take her beyond the familiar into a world I have never before stopped to contemplate. All those everyday abilities we take for granted were things Jennifer had to fight to regain: walking, talking, sleeping, remembering things that had happened only moments before. The frustration and the determination she must have had, I can only imagine.

I was struck by the incredible things Jennifer was able to achieve in the short years after her brain injury. She threw herself headlong back into her life doing her best to makes things as close to the way they were before her accident as possible. I thought about how devastating it would be to remember the person you were before a brain injury and have that person just vanish, replaced by someone less able. Jennifer was compelled to accept what had happened to her, and rather than force herself to go back to the way she was she instead had to learn to live with her disability.

We can all learn from her experience. Those who have suffered a brain injury will relate to Jennifer's story and gain insight into to what it takes to recover and live a full life. Those who haven't can gain understanding into what challenges those with brain injuries must face and a greater appreciation for the things we all take for granted in life.

If you are interested in reading Jennifer's book, The Smile on My Forehead: Memoir of My Life With a Brain Injury, please visit JenniferMosher.com. Jennifer will also be featured in the Local Author Showcase at The Kings English Bookshop Tuesday April 6th, 2010 at 6:30pm where you can meet her along with other local authors. More information available at KingsEnglish.com

On the same subject, check out another great book called Tour De Life by Saul Raisin, an up and coming cyclist who suffered a brain injury during a race and struggled to return to his goal of riding in the Tour De France. Check it out here Tour De Life along with Saul's personal website SaulRaisin.com where you'll learn about his foundation Raisin Hope.

Review by Jenni Curtis, LMT MassagebyJenni.com

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Winter's End Survival Special!

March is here and you've nearly survived the winter! But it's not over just yet! I've got your Winter survival solution. This month choose between a free Hot Stone upgrade for your 90 minute or 2 hour massage to get you warming up to Spring or add a full body organic scrub to your massage for just $15 and shed that lizard skin you've been struggling to properly moisturize these past months.*

Both options have their charm! The Hot Stones add a detoxifying element to your massage perfect for getting your body to its maximum healthy state so that you can enjoy an active season once the weather warms up. The 100% Pure organic body scrubs exfoliate that layer of dead, dry skin and give you a healthy glow along with the confidence to bare those shoulders and legs.

Call Jenni at 801*879*4173 to schedule an appointment today!

*Choose one special per visit. Enjoy as many visits throughout the month as you'd like!

Social Networking at Tahoe's Snowcial

MySpace, Facebook, Twitter were all once nothing more than a twinkle on the horizon. Now they are household names and even Grandma has a Facebook account. Some might say these are nothing more than new ways to waste a lot of time, like playing Solitaire or Bejeweled. But business people are beginning to see Social Networking sites as an incredible resource and a powerful tool for not only marketing themselves and building a professional network but also for feedback and a way to have direct access to consumers.

As a massage therapist running my own practice, I have definitely discovered the value of using social networking as an inexpensive way to promote myself in my community. It works well for me because all I really have to do is be myself and engage with people. When someone needs a massage, they feel more comfortable choosing someone they know over a random person from a directory or Craigslist ad. When I run a special, I can post it and link through Twitter and Facebook to instantly reach hundreds of potential clients. The important thing is to refrain from spamming and be real. People don't want to pay attention to a cyber robot who spews about the products it's selling. We will pay attention to someone who seems to have something of real value to offer us and won't just be more white noise for us to tune out.

All of these ideas and more were openly discussed in January at the 2010 Tahoe Snowcial. Snowcial is a gathering of all kinds of professionals interested in technology, social networking, and snow sports. Hosted by Heavenly Resort and Harrah's Hotel and Casino we were treated to a variety of events designed to get us to network with each other, talk shop, and have a little fun in the process. We enjoyed a half-day conference with speakers who broadened our understanding of how to use social media and the internet to our best benefit. The keynote speaker was MC Hammer who surprisingly had a wealth of knowledge to share with us. Beyond that, we also did a little partying, saw MC Hammer perform live, and spent our days on the slopes of Heavenly Ski Resort even doing a scavenger hunt which was a riot! Not only was the weekend fun, but I found it to be very valuable to my business. It was a wonderful experience and a good use of my time. I not only recommend Tahoe Snowcial to business professionals who enjoy playing in the snow, but I also recommend that small business owners like me look into utilizing social networking sites and building an online presence. This is certainly the way of the future.

For more information on Tahoe Snowcial visit their website. TahoeSnowcial.com

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Peace and Calming in San Francisco

I'm not really a city girl unless the city is surrounded by mountains, but now that I've visited San Francisco twice and spent some time there, I find myself falling in love with the place. The tall buildings are more comforting than claustrophobic and the fresh crab on the wharf is the most perfect food known to man. What I found tucked between the towering buildings in a space in the heart of downtown where people hurry past most of the day never thinking to stop was a pleasant surprise and a wonderful bubble of serenity I was happy and relieved to find after my previous day's adventure which led me to walk the entire way across the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Spa Bar is a full service spa located on 2nd Street near Lombard with a classy yet unassuming storefront that, once inside, opens up into a spacious upscale retreat complete with an oxygen bar, salon, and quiet treatment rooms enjoyed by entering through a private door at the rear.

I had an appointment with Paula for a 90 minute Thai Massage, something I'd never tried before. I've heard it's like assisted yoga done on a mat on the floor and have been curious about it for quite sometime. Paula is actually from Thailand and received her massage training there and she explains to me that she has developed a Thai massage hybrid where she incorporates Thai style techniques with traditional Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage which I am more familiar with. I will be on a massage table rather than on a mat on the floor and I will be undressed and draped with a sheet rather than remaining clothed as is typical with a traditional Thai Massage. She says she likes doing it this way better. Should be interesting!

The combination proves to be magic. Paula uses luxurious warm oils and gliding strokes fused with deep muscle manipulation and clever movements of my limbs I've never experienced before. She drapes my body effortlessly with the sheet, often using it to position my legs and arms in various stretches while leveraging my limbs against her own body to apply pressure to my muscles and traction the joints. I am aware of her climbing on and off the table many times throughout my massage as she artfully composes her native Thai style into a complete stress reliever with the aggressiveness to really work out all my kinks. I'd say she beat me up in a good way and pampered me all at the same time. There were moments I wondered, "How did she do that?" when she'd use her petite body to move mine into a position. At one point she was actually underneath me on the table stretching my entire body into an arched position. I have no idea how she got there, but it was seamless.

When the massage was over, I was given tea and sent to wander back out into the city in my blissed out state. With a calm smile on my face, I walked to the nearby Museum of Modern Art, ordered a spinach salad and a glass of wine at the cafe and then strolled peacefully through the sculptures, paintings, and photographs on display there. It was ones of those days in the city where you think to yourself, "I could get used to this." And I really think I could get used to all the fine art, culture, and food mixed with the grittiness and raw humanity that is the city of San Francisco.