Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Weekday Special!

During the month of September 2009, I am offering a special rate good every Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. During those hours enjoy $50 for your first hour and $40/hr thereafter.* So a 1 hour massage will be $50, 90 minute massages will be $70, 2 hours for $90, and so on. If you're a first time client, please take an additional one-time $10 off your total.

Call me for an appointment at 801*879*4173 or book online at MassageByJenni.com

*Special good for the month of September 2009. Regular rates apply nights (after 5pm) and weekends. Can be combined with first time client discount.

Jenni Curtis, LMT

Eileen Keiser, LMT also offers a special weekday rate. Call her at 801*574*1325 for details.

Change is in the Air

It's the season for change and Salt Lake's Premiere Massage Therapy Team™ will be seeing a lot of it in the next month. That's ok, we've been undergoing much change in the last year with Tiffeny moving to Boise and Eileen stepping in. Now it is time for us to turn a page and start a new chapter.

On September 30th, 2009 we will be saying goodbye to our studio at 1694 East 3300 South. We've really loved having our practice here, but due to circumstances beyond our control we will not be able to put our roots in like we'd hoped. As a result, our Team will be moving on and going in separate directions. This turn of events will not take away from our dedication to providing a quality service for our clients, however, and you can rest assured that the spirit of what Tiffeny and Jenni began will live on.

So what can you expect? During the month of September, we will be practicing in our old studio and gearing up for the move. Come October 1st, you'll be able to visit both Team members in their new separate locations which will be in very close proximity to our current one. We expect the transition to be seamless and Jenni and Eileen will be working together supporting each other through the move as well as in the future. That includes filling the demand for Four-hand Massages by guesting at each other's practices when needed.

Where are we going? Jenni has been invited by Dr. Cerami, a well respected chiropractor in the area to move her practice to a suite in his wellness center. Millcreek Wellness is located at 1550 East 3300 South within walking distance of the old location. Those of you familiar with Diva's coffee shop (the building with the greenhouse dome) will know exactly where it is as they share a parking lot. Jenni's office will be located downstairs in Suite B, accessed by a door on the west side of the building. The space is quiet and serene and has a shower for the use of clients. She will also be training to begin performing Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapy which will be offered to patients of Dr. Cerami. Jenni is excited about this opportunity and anticipates this change to be a positive one. In addition, Jenni will continue to offer the same menu of services her clients have come to enjoy.

Eileen will be moving her private practice to an office plaza located at 970 East and 3300 South. She will be occupying a suite of two rooms (#G and #I) which will serve as her office in Hallway 7 of the plaza. She is happy to be able to offer her clients the same great bodywork and affordable rates in this convenient location. Give Eileen a call if you have any questions about her transition at 801*574*1325.

Thanks to all of our clients who have made Salt Lake's Premiere Massage Therapy Team™ such a great success! We hope you will continue to "Experience Quality Massage" in our new locations and we look forward to new horizons!